Personal Watercraft Insurance

Champion Realty Insurance Personal Watercraft Insurance

Personal watercrafts (PWC) are defined as motorboats less than 16 feet in length that are powered by jet pumps, not propellers, where the persons stand, kneel, or sit on, rather than inside the boat. PWCs are operated by one person, and often have seating space for others. Some models have seating for up to four riders (including the operator). They are often referred to by their brand names such as Jet Ski, WaveRunner, or Sea Doo.

Coverage Features
Most PWCs are not covered under homeowners insurance or boat policies. In fact, both policies specifically exclude this type of craft. You can add your PWC to your homeowners policy, but as with your boat, in many cases, it’s simply not enough coverage to provide adequate protection in the event you need to replace or repair parts. A PWC policy typically covers:

  • Bodily injury to yourself or another person due to your negligence
  • Negligence of another person while using your PWC
  • Property damage to a dock, other PWCs or boats
  • Guest passenger liability
  • Medical payments
  • Theft of your PWC

Because insurance needs differ depending on the type of watercraft you own, contact us at 800.333.3690 to ensure you have the right coverage and  personal watercraft insurance in place before you go cruising on the water this season.